Our Business Centric Services

We have dedicated IT services for everything you need; from consultation to designing, development and maintenance.

Our IT Consultancy Services

Tailored Strategic Adaptable

The expert team at DINEM is always excited to work on new ideas and concepts. We work with an objective to deliver supportive solutions to small, medium and large sized businesses and enterprises.

Custom Office Add-ins Development

We develop Add-ins for Microsoft office to save your time and increase your productivity. Our Add-ins make sure to provide effective task management, smooth communication and make some processes more efficient.

We have developed multiple add-ins that can extend the functionality of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Moreover; our developers have expertise in developing add-ins to create new objects in Excel and Powerpoint. In general, there are two main tools to develop Add-ins for Microsoft; Javascript API and Visual Studio Tool for Office. And our team is expert in development by using both of the tools.

Web Design Services

A professional business needs a professional web designing team. Your website is the first impression of your business in the 21st century. And we make sure the first impression of your business is mesmerizing to your clients. A good website design depends on several factors like the elements in the website, its interactivity score and even user experience.

Our web designers work hard to score a perfect 100 on all these factors. We have some amazing award-winning website designs in our portfolio. Ready to use templates can never be our preference. Our website designs are custom as per your requirements and responsive to your users.

  • CSS
  • SASS
  • HTML
  • Startup 3
  • Vue.JS
  • Patten lab
  • Material design
  • Motion UI

Web Development Services

Website development is the first stepping stone for the success of your business. A professionally developed website will provide an uninterrupted dynamic experience to your clients. By using our robust coding skills, cutting edge technologies and intuitive navigation we make sure to develop the best in class website for your business.

Our website developers have extensive experience in developing websites for B2B and B2C business owners. We provide tailor-made solutions like shopping cart development, payment gateway integrations and easy to use admin panels. Want to integrate specific functions in the website? Just name it.

  • Single Page Applications
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Web Assembly
  • WordPress
  • MongoDB

Front-end Development Services

Your applications need a customized, user-centric frontend that can represent your brand. Our experts will design and develop the most stunning user interfaces. Our development life cycle involves agile front end development methodology with best programming practices.

We make sure to enhance the visual identity of your application by developing a front end that conveys your brand story. All you have to do is explain your concept to our team and we will make sure to build a front end better than your expectations.

Back-end Development Services

Store, manage and process data from different sources on your web application with our custom backend solutions. Our developers will create, manage, and deploy application programming interfaces into the cloud and on-premise secure environment. Without years of experience in CRM development, we will provide you with the best backend CRM development services.

Want to migrate your backend systems to private, hybrid or public clouds? Our experts will handle that for you. Our developers have delivered the best distributed SOA systems, SOAP web services and even complex EDA workflows to different enterprises.

  • .NET Development Service
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • PHP development
  • Java Development
  • Structure Query Language
  • Python Development
  • MongoDB
  • Symphony

Mobile Application Development

We are proud of with our mobile app developers who can deliver the best app as per your requirements, budget and timeline. We love to convert your vision into an amazing reality. Our team is experienced in working with all kinds of businesses from startups to big enterprises. We have delivered some of the most powerful yet secured native and hybrid mobile apps.

Our experts know what it takes to build an app that can make your brand stand out in the competition. We follow a well-defined process of mobile app development which includes Strategizing, App designing, Development, Quality Analysis and Deployment. Each stage has its own value and all of our teams collaborate to build the best app for your requirements.

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