Office Addins Development

Do You Spend Hours On Microsoft Office? Then All You Need is a Set of Feature-rich Add-ins To Make Your Life Easier.

Custom Office Add-ins Development

We believe in delivering solutions over services

Since 2018; DINEM is working day in and day out to build custom office add-ins that can be your perfect assistant to create best in class documents, presentations, sheets along with task and calendar management.

Custom Word Add-ins

Tired of explaining the changes to your content team? We are here for your rescue. Get add-ins that can track the changes in a document in real-time and save the changes made by all the team members along with the version history.

Custom PowerPoint Add-Ins

We are committed to making your presentation the best one ever!! Save your time and efforts, create presentations with design elements like storyboard and animations with custom-made add-ins.

Custom Outlook Add-ins

Juggling between mobile phone, iPad and laptop to keep your tasks and calendar synced? Custom Add-ins can help you keep track of all your tasks, meetings and emails on all the different devices.

Custom Excel Add-ins

Microsoft excel is majorly used for storage and analysis of data. With our custom excel add-ins you can manage your data, improve your productivity, get amazing visual and chart options all at one place.

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Our team at DINEM works intending to create products that can assist you to achieve efficiency and innovation.

Why Microsoft Office Add-ins from DINEM?

Enhanced Capability

The DINEM’s MS Office Add-ins work towards adding more capability to the functionalities and reducing the need for rework and repetitions.

Automated Process

Bid your goodbyes to the long manual workflows. Office 365 add-ins promote automated workflow of your company.

Seamless Integration

Get custom add-ins that can integrate with any third party. Hence; Makes it easy to push or pull the information you need for your work process.

Add Functionality

Get easy to use functions to automate office workflow. Along with that, you can add external data or create a big report quickly with custom Add-ins.

Plentiful Objects

We create Office Add-ins to provide a rich set of interactive objects. Get charts, visuals and maps to give that special touch to the presentation.

Custom UI

Increase the productivity of your team by creating a custom UI for Microsoft Office. As a result, you can club commands and shortcuts easily.

Augment the Documentation Process

Almost every office today depends on Microsoft Word because of its easy to use interface. Now, what if we can augment the existing features and functionalities of Microsoft Word? Yes, we will get more productivity in less time consumption.

Who does not love macros? Custom Word Add-ins will get your macros available every time you open MS Word. With shortcut menus, custom commands, and better toolbars, your team will get an advanced system to deliver better results.

Revamping the Excel Experience

With a set of essential add-ins, your entire team can save a lot of time and increase its productivity. All the member of your team can easily add and manipulate tables, shapes, ranges, data and worksheets.

Moreover, Add-ins comes with features like auditing reports, and worksheet compare. Hence; right excel add-ins can lead to the significant reduction in risk and identification of errors in advance which can result in avoiding costly issues.

We operate on ethics and technology. We want to deliver custom office add-ins that can adapt your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket. Our team works constantly to analyse and address the changes at every stage to save time and money.

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