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Our team of Angular developers are proficient in developing highly scalable, feature-rich and interactive applications.

AngularJS Web Development

With a powerful framework and declarative UI, we deliver the most intuitive web application for your project.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

The data binding and modular structure of AngularJS helps the developers to build a function and feature-rich mobile app quickly.

Angular Single Page App Development

Our Angular Developers will build a fast and responsive Single-page Application with a linear user experience.

Angular Migration Services

Our proficient developers are always updated with the latest trends in Angular. If you want to build your project on Angular 11 then we are here for you.

Angular Software Development

We know how to utilize the multi-platform availability and robustness of Angular to deliver the software you desire for your requirements.

AngularJS Consulting

We are here to resolve all your queries and confusions about AngularJS. Our consulting team is always available for your assistance.

Angular Dashboard Development

We will develop a lightweight, interactive and easy to use dashboard for your application by leveraging Angular.

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Why Angular Development?

Do you know fortune 500 companies like Netflix, YouTube and PayPal are using Angular for their applications? Angular is developed by one of the expert team of developers at Google and it is still well maintained.

  1. Angular provides data binding between view components and models by using auto-synchronization facilities.
  2. With the help of Angular routing in modules, the developer can build amazing single-page apps.
  3. Angular does not require a call back registering hence decluttered coding and more efficacy with fewer mistakes.
  4. Developers can eliminate the boilerplate code as a result, they can work only on a description of the overall workflow.
  5. Angular is proven to ensure faster project delivery as compared to all other frameworks.

Angular is one of the favourite choices when it comes to HTML booster for a website or mobile applications. Wondering if Angular is the perfect framework for your project? Then here are some amazing benefits of Angular:

  • Angular is one of the most scalable, cost-effective and dynamic frameworks.
  • The IDE and editors detect errors instantly and give feedback while writing the code.
  • Angular follows a modular approach which provides building blocks to the developers.
  • Code Reusability for developing native desktop, web, mobile and native mobile applications.
  • It has a rich library of JavaScript and HTML codes.

Benefits of Angular Development

Why DINEM as An AngularJS Development Company?

We have a dedicated Angular team along with a team of designers and quality analysts. With an immense experience of working on projects for multiple industry domains, our developers know how to deliver the best results.

Proficient Team

DINEM is proud of its proficiency. We hire developers who are expert in their field and we make sure they are getting the experience they need. With a dedicated team for all the latest frameworks needed to develop your project idea.

Latest Tools and Technologies

We believe everyone needs a timely update and hence we encourage our team members to keep a check on the latest updates and trends.

On-time Delivery

We know the value of time and schedule. Hence each team tries its best to keep up with the schedule and deliver the project on time.

GDPR Compliance

The project will be GDPR compliant and the entire data will be stored only after consent of the end-user with end to end encryption.

Customer-Focused Approach

We follow a strict customer-focused approach to keep you in the loop throughout the development process of your project.

Excellent Support

At DINEM, we will be there for your support even after the delivery of the project. Until the project is perfectly implemented the team will be in constant touch.

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